Are you a treat ? Are you good enough ?  
Practice being nice to yourself. Every morning when you get up and look in the mirror tell yourself how happy you are that you are alive and look forward to the coming day.
Are you really where you want to be ?
Have you ever asked yourself this question : Is your life exactly the way you pictured it to be when you were young?
Congratulations! You have won 10 million dollars
So would you believe it and make you get out of your chair, jump up and down and shout.....
How does the cosmic law of attraction work ?
If you haven't heard about the movie "the secret" then you have probably been living on another planet! The main theme that is talked about is the law of attraction.
Signed, sealed and delivered
Wouldn't it be wonderful if you had a lawyer draw up an airtight contract with all your wants and desires written down and Bill Gates put his signature on the dotted line underneath the statement declaring that if any of these wants or desires...
The way to real happiness is through possibility thinking
In order for you to become comfortable with possibility thinking start with small things that you ask for, once you receive these small things, you will find it much easier to believe anything & everything is possible.
Types of business self made millionaire women run
Have you ever wondered what business self made millionaire women run? Or how they combine their work with raising a family.
Trading places with Britney Spears
The Video Music Awards on September 9th in Las Vegas were supposed to be the kick off for Britneys Spears comeback, unfortunately it may turn out to be the "kick out".
What is Prosperity Wealth Management?
How many of you are struggling for money? Trying to get out of that "rut" aching for financial wealth and the feelings of being happy and free to do, be or have as you please?
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