E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
Dear reader,

When I first came across EFT  I was kind of wary. I just couldn't believe that something so simple to do would be able to have such a profound effect. I am very glad I was wrong.

EFT is an emotional version of acupuncture except needles aren't necessary. Instead, you stimulate well established energy meridian points on your body by tapping on them with your fingertips. You don't need to be a therapist to use it and you can easily learn to do it yourself, for yourself and everbody you know.

The first reason that helped remove my suspicions was the fact that one is able to download the manual explaining How to apply EFT completely free of charge !  I found it written in a easily understandable way with several images showing you where to tap with your fingers.

EFT was originally designed to reduce the psychotherapy process from months and years down to minutes and hours. From there it was discovered that astonishing physical healings also occurred. Symptoms faded for everything from Migraine Headaches to Cancer. You will find an amazing amount of articles and case studys on the official  EFT website

The second reason, and foremost is that EFT really does work!

I admit, I felt a little foolish the first couple of times I used it, and you'll understand why when you watch the video below, but now I even do it in public areas if the need arises, and believe me, there have been several times when my knowledge of E.F.T has come in very handy in public.

Take the time to view the video below, keep your mind open and give yourself the chance to listen to the entire 7 minutes as you will hear things that you may find very hard to believe.

Below the explanational video of EFT, I have another video (5 minutes) which I use to start my day. It was made by Brad Yates, an EFT practioner and an exceptional guy. Click here to visit the Brad Yates website.

I truly hope you achieve just as many benefits from EFT as I do.

Warm regards,

Brad Yates - Tap o' the morning