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"From a very young age, I dreamed of becoming a model. I would look through my mom's fashion magazines for hours - imagining myself posing in front of the camera.

By the time I was a teenager, my passion for modeling had only increased. And I didn't sit around wishing and posing in front of the mirror. I took action. I inquired, I interviewed, I researched, I was out to conquer. I discovered that most modeling agencies insisted on a minimum height for women of 5' 7" but even in a pair of black four inch stilettos I was still too short. I had the will, the strut, the attitude -- everything but the height!

I tried EVERYTHING to become taller. I took pills, had myself stretched on some medieval torture machine, I hung from bars (right side up and upside down) to gain those 2 inches. Nothing worked -- all I had to show for it was sweat, an emaciated purse, and sage eye (there are too many unscrupulous people eager to take advantage of "little" girls with big dreams).

But I didn't give up. I went on go-sees to every modeling agency listed in the yellow pages, but none of them were interested in a barefooted 5 ft 5inch little girl.

Then Finally! after months of phone calls and pounding the pavement, I found, appropriately enough, a "tiny" modeling agency that was just starting up. They saw that what I lacked in height I more than made up for in passion and determination.

The stars began to align, and I was ready to answer Opportunity's knock. Shortly after signing with the "little modeling agency that could," I was contacted by a glamour photographer for Playboy. I did a test shoot, and the next thing I knew I was in Amsterdam doing a shoot for the USA playboy. I had awoken to my dream!

My career took off, and I worked in exotic locations such as Italy, Portugal and Scandinavia. It was a case of the rich getting richer -- just months ago I was being REPEATEDLY REJECTED! Now I was being contacted and offered a contract by Samantha Ford's agency in London, THE modeling agency for glamour models in the world.

I was living my own fairy tale, and as such I met my prince charming. With careful consideration, I put my career on hold for an even more rewarding career of being a mom.

Now as a mom of three I have often reflected on those experiences of being irreverently dismissed for being "too" short. I have seen the devaluation of self worth of girls with dreams just as big as mine (I had it month after month, year after year too). Girls, very pretty girls, being judged as too fat, sometimes even too thin, or their nose was crooked, their skin complexion too blotchy and tainted, ... And those rejections left scars on me. (Even though I was privileged enough to get to live the dream!)

I know there are 100's of girls who could have been wonderful models but never had the opportunity I did. The modeling business is just that -- a business, and few in this business care about the self-esteem and value of the all the capable models that don't fit the classic profile. This stark sense of unfairness and lack of compassion has stayed with me and it's left a nerve tingling.

So now, with the same gusto and resilience that saw my stars align earlier, I want to expand the assistance I have been providing novice models searching for a opening, more specifically models who don't fit the rigid "perfect" mold. Immersing myself in this line of work, it resonated with me that not only young girls were treated unfairly but women of all ages were dealing with the same stigmas, models and non models alike.

This laid the foundation for Eden & Elle magazine.

"My primary goals are to fill each issue of Eden & Elle magazine with heart warming useful articles combined with timely information on a multitude of different subjects such as personal growth, women in business and womanhood all written with a small element of entertainment and features the "everyday" woman - women of all shapes, size and ages in mesmerizing photoshoots showing that they can look just as beautiful posing for a glamour photographer as the latest centerfold.”

Eden & Elles' intention is to empower women to become stronger emotionally by giving them the opportunity to exchange knowledge in categories like business, entrepreneurial ideas, travel, kids, personal & social issues, house & home together with showing them that women are beautiful no matter what the society norm says.

See you through the view finder soon!

Yours sincerely,

Désirée Deul

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