Imagine coming home from work, opening the front door and being greeted by a doberman pincher growling at you and showing his teeth.

You would most likely be frightened and run as far away as possible. You would protect yourself by doing so, getting out of harms way and not stop running till you were sure you were safe wouldn't you?

Of course, if you don't own a doberman pincher or know anyone that does this scenario won't happen.

Yet, many people get up in the morning, look at themselves in the mirror and are frightened by what they see, but instead of running they curse under their breath and stay standing in front of that mirror.

Talk about being masochistic! Don't you think you are good enough?

Why when confronted with something like that doberman pincher do something about it (by running away not even asking yourself if you are good enough to outrun it) and when being confronted with yourself in the mirror just do nothing?

Because unlike the dog that you can escape from, you can't escape from yourself. You are stuck with the body and mind that you have and cannot be separated from them. can change them and therefore change your life.

To get your body into shape you can begin to exercise and you can begin to change the way your mind works by changing the way you think.

Ask yourself how you treat yourself and if you think you are good enough.

If you expect others to treat you with respect and kindness are you also treating yourself this way?

I want you to do a simple task.

Go to the nearest mirror. Look yourself in the eye and say the following words " I love you "

If you felt the slightest bit uncomfortable telling your reflection those 3 words then you don't feel good enough about yourself.

You see, if you can't tell yourself this then how do you expect to be able to treat yourself with the love you deserve. And how can you expect others to treat you well if you don't treat yourself the way you wish to be treated by others.

Practice being nice to yourself. Every morning when you get up and look in the mirror tell yourself how happy you are that you are alive and look forward to the coming day.

It may sound fake at first and you may feel silly but keep it up and you will start to notice a shift in your feelings when seeing your reflection.

This is because the sub conscious mind or inner self accepts without a doubt that what you say, and more importantly, what you think is true.

After a while when you ask yourself the question of are you good enough, your feelings will confirm that you are.

I already know you are good enough. Why? Because you deserve to be.
Are you a treat? Are you good enough?
by Desiree Deul
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