Signed, Sealed & Delivered
by Desiree Deul
Wouldn't it be wonderful if you had a lawyer draw up an airtight contract with all your wants and desires written down and Bill Gates put his signature on the dotted line underneath the statement declaring that if any of these wants or desires were not given to you then he would be in breach of contract?

I mean, what could go wrong. Bill Gates definitely has what it takes to make dreams and desires come true. Just look at his own life.
Look at the lives of the many millionaires working at Microsoft. You'd totally believe it right?

Yet if you were to write the same contract yourself and sign it yourself you'd most likely not believe a single thing would happen or be easily achievable.

Now why is this? What makes YOU different from Bill Gates?

What makes Bill Gates credible is his belief in himself. Not his money, not his power, not his friends. Just pure believing that what he wanted and desired is possible and his passion.

When Bill dropped out of Harvard do you think he thought he'd be a billionaire by age forty or that millions of people in the world would be working with his software? Of course not.

But he did have a burning passion to make the worlds first affordable home computer and he truly believed he could make one.

So it's all about belief.
Knowing this is the easy part. Now comes the hard part.

Taking something you truly love to do and really believing in yourself requires a mental overhaul. You have to learn to think and act differently. In order to do so you have to start by listening to the words you use while thinking and when communicating with others.

From your thoughts come your words.

From your words come you actions and from your actions come your life.

If you think tomorrow the same as you have thought today then your tomorrow will be no different.

The first important step is to think differently.

The second step is to act.

I'm not talking about on screen acting. I mean inspired action. Take a different route to work and soak up the sights. Order a cup of green tea instead of your double latte. Step outside your comfort zone by listening to your inner voice.

Combine your new way of thinking with your inspired action and your creativity is going to start pumping. Write ideas down that surface, read your idea out loud to yourself and ask yourself how it makes you feel.

If your blood starts rushing and your heart beats faster then you're on to something. You are then on your way to achieving your wants and desires.