How does the cosmic law of attraction work?
by Desiree Deul
If you haven't heard about the movie "the secret" then you have probably been living on another planet!

What the movie is essentially about is the cosmic law of attraction. In plain and simple English, like attracts like.

Sounds simple and scary at the same time as in order for you to accept this you have to accept that everything that has happened in your life so far you are responsible for. In other words your life is exactly what you have made of it whether it's good or bad.

Okay, so where do you start?

Even though this question may bring on a sinking feeling and you may wonder why you should even bother....why has your life been a constant struggle and fight anyway?

For just a little happiness maybe, that was all. And if you had it, it never lasted longer than a few minutes or hours at a time.

Momentary... that's what life was...momentary... always changing... no sooner you'd think you had it made, had everything nailed down so you could relax, then the next thing would happen and there you were again ...right back where you'd started ... clutching, clutching for something you couldn't hold even if you got it. Yet you realize that you can't give up yet.

There is something stirring in the back of your mind ... an elusive thought that there might be an answer if only you knew where to look.
Well, the cosmic law of attraction may just have the answer you need.
As you let your mind wander, exploring new thoughts, you might ask yourself some of these questions.

What is life? What is it that you've been looking for?

If the answer is happiness, then ask yourself what is happiness? Define what happiness means to you. How do you think you get it? Where do you find it? Be as specific as possible.

How did my life turn into this mess I'm in? and more importantly, what is the way out?

The more precise you are about what it is you dislike about your life, the more precise you will be about what you DO want in your life. And once you know exactly what it is you want in your life, you can use the cosmic law of attraction to get it.

All your problems or challenges lie within you. It is your body, your mind and your emotions that draw problems to you.

Now use this same body, mind and set of emotions to draw what it is you desire towards you. If you do so, then the cosmic law of attraction will bring forth to you what you think and feel.
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