The way to real happiness is through possibility thinking.
by Desiree Deul

Although many of us think that personal development techniques and personal growth have entered our lives in the last few years, possibility thinking is definitely not new. In 1967 a man called Robert Schuller published a book called "Move ahead with possibility thinking".

There is however a slight difference to the meaning of possibility thinking today compared to back then.

Dr. Schuller is a minister of the religious kind and though he quotes the bible, no matter what religion you are, his teachings can be accepted by everyone for it is the power of the thoughts and words that make you a possibility thinker, not the belief in a certain religion.

Of course people who are born again Christians may not believe me, they may even be angered at such a statement.

But ask a quantum physicist what created the world and they will say: Energy. So, if we describe energy. It can never be created or destroyed. It always was and always will be. It moves into form, through form and out of form.

Now ask the same question to a theologian and he will say: God. So, describe God. He can never be created or destroyed. He always was and always will be. Always moving into form, through form and out of form.

Energy is completely intertwined with possibility thinking.

The essence of possibility thinking is to start by doing what's necessary, then do what's possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible. What you often call 'impossible' is merely something you have yet to try.

How do you know what you can do, or not do, unless you try?

By looking for possibilities and trying new things, you break free from your limitations and discover your own power.

This sounds simple but it's not easy, as most things in life worth doing are. You can therefore take a step at a time, changing your view and thoughts of what is possible and what is not to how to make a certain thing possible.

The only limitation you have is your imagination. So even the sky is not the limit, you can go way further than that!

The first step is to give yourself permission to start dreaming about what you truly want.

The next step is simply to ask God/Universe or whichever name you prefer to use for the thing(s) you want.

The last step is to believe. Believe that it is truly possible to receive what you have asked for. Why? Because God/universe picks up on your thoughts, your thoughts and the feelings/vibrations that go with it are the information that is processed in order to receive what you want.

If you have any doubt that you won't get what you ask then you will receive just that : NOTHING.

So, in order for you to become comfortable with possibility thinking start with small things that you ask for, once you receive these small things, you will find it much easier to believe anything & everything is possible

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