Are you where you REALLY want to be ?
by Desiree Deul
Have you ever asked yourself this question : Is your life exactly the way you pictured it to be when you were young?

When you were little you probably didn't have any trouble believing that you were going to grow up and be exactly what you wanted to be. You enjoyed pretending and acting as if you had already achieved what it was you desired and had great fun doing so.

Sure your peers would laugh at your games and make gentle fun of you telling you that you should be happy with what life gives you but you just knew that you were right, you just knew you could make your dreams come true.

Then you got older and were told time after time that you should stop day dreaming, work hard at school and get a steady job. Slowly but surely your dreams were pushed towards the background, sinking deeper and deeper into the lower layers of your consciousness.

After a while you just stopped dreaming and stopped believing.

So, have your dreams that seemed so vivid and real when you were little come true or have you settled for less?

If you're like 90% of the world population you are in the last category.
You live your life not to the fullest, enjoying every minute of it. You, like most people merely exist.

But why?

Because by the time you are an adult you have been so inundated with negative messages from everyone around you that like most of us you think that it's just not possible to achieve and have what you truly want.

We falsely believe that our lives are just meant to be this way and that we have no power to change where we are in life. We basically accept that this life, the one we are living now is as good as it gets and no-one can do anything about it.

We live our lives and don't stop to think what the possibilities are if only we let ourselves discover what is hidden inside of us. So tell me, did you arrive where you are now on purpose or where you just kind of dragged in this direction, without even thinking about it.

And if you arrived here on purpose are you happy with where you are or are you dis-illusioned with your life.

If it was possible to change your circumstances starting with changing your way of thinking would you believe it. If you were told how to make your dreams come true would you listen or would you just laugh and dismiss the words?

There is one major difference between the wealthy and the un-wealthy and it's not the amount of income they generate. It's their ability to think and believe that what they want is within reach. They have a fixed vision of what it is they desire and the words "not possible" aren't part of their vocabulary.

If it was money that was the difference then why are lotto winners usually broke within a few years of winning? Because they didn't believe that they would win. They just hoped they would.

Are you ready to think differently?
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