Trading places with Britney Spears
by Desiree Deul

The Video Music Awards on September 9th in Las Vegas were supposed to be the kick off for Britneys Spears comeback, unfortunately it may turn out to be the "kick out".

Don't get me wrong, I like Britney Spears and I think that the performance she gave was far better than I'll ever be able to give but the "je ne sais quoi" factor that Britney had is missing. It looked like she was there on stage physically but emotionally her mind was elsewhere.

It's been a tough couple of years for Britney, her broken marriage, her depression, her two pregnancies. If this all happened to an unknown individual it would already have left scars emotionally and that individual would probably have had much comfort from her surroundings.

But Britney Spears' life is public, put under the microscope for all to see with the paparazzi just waiting for her to make a mistake. A mistake which would be easily forgiven and forgotten if she wasn't famous.

Who are we to say that she is a bad mom. A redneck and washed up. Many seem to have forgotten what it was like when they had their first baby and the mistakes they made raising their children.

My point is, we were all young once and there is no hand book which tells you exactly how to raise kids safely, responsibly and carefully. Many of us were pregnant at least once and we still hopefully remember what the hormones did with our body and minds, so why should it be any different for Britney Spears.

Let me ask you this.

Would you trade places with Britney Spears, knowing what you kno
w, seeing how she is treated by the paparazzi?

I don't think so...neither would I.
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