Types of business self made millionaire women run
by Desiree Deul

Have you ever wondered what business self made millionaire women run? Or how they combine their work with raising a family?

The corporate world still has a minority of women who work as C.E.O. or in other senior positions and when it comes to starting up and owning a business the odds seem to be even less.

Yet women have more natural talent when it comes to organizing, problem solving, delegating and running a company then men.

Why? The answer is simple.

Women have mastered these arts in the home since beginning of mankind.

In the stone age, men went out to hunt. The women stayed home, guarded the entrance to the cave to keep themselves and their possessions safe from animals and other predators, looked after the children, skinned the animals, made "clothes" from the skins, etc. until the men came back with food. If a man didn't come home due to being killed, the woman was forced to do all the above AND hunt.

The saying "behind every strong man is a strong women" has been around for decades yet women are still paid up to 20% less than their male collegues.

Men are widely accepted as charming leaders, being successful, charismatic, wealthy and millionaires but self made millionaire women are usually thought of as cold hearted, bitchy using their sexuality or spouses' money to get things done.

Society still has a challenge accepting that women are good in business too.

So what types of business do self made millionaire women run? This answer may be surprising.

Since women are problem solvers, they are capable of looking outside the "box" so to speak. Women are also very logical where as men tend to be more mathematical, thus providing logical, practical and simple solutions to mathematical difficulties.

You will find many self made millionaire women with businesses that provide or sell items that make daily routines in the home easier and faster or with businesses specially geared towards the female population.

Then again, you also have self made millionaire women in fields which were till recently governed by men. Or, in other cases, in businesses that are for men by women (think Heidi Fleiss).

Fortunately, the chance of a woman actually going into business for herself is increasing. Opportunities are opening up and women working in middle to senior management is now becoming more and more acceptable.

For future self made millionaire women the possibilities are endless for the internet has opened up a way to be able to run a business in their own time and combine it with raising their family.
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